Border guards seized a “Mercedes” with the modified body number

Due to captiousness of border guard at the crossing point "Tisa", a citizen of Ukraine failed to cross the Ukrainian-Hungarian border by a car with forged body number.

The fact is that the border guards were expecting the minibus "Mercedes Vito" registered in Poland to enter Ukraine, as they had the information about a possible illegal import of the vehicle into the territory of our country. After the arrival of the car at the border and customs control point, the border guards immediately initiated a full identification of the vehicle together with representatives of the customs.

As a result of the above measures, they established the fact of operating the car with the forged number of the body, which was confirmed by the results of the examination: the identification number of the car was applied on a metal plate measuring 160 mm by 30 mm, which was attached to the examined vehicle.

The minibus was confiscated and assessed at 21,714 UAH.

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