Border guards revealed 780 packs of cigarettes (PHOTOS)

The passenger car brand ‘Mercedes’ (2002 release year) which belongs to citizen of Ukraine, who was going to leave Ukraine arrived on the border and customs control point ‘Tysa’ yesterday. During the passage of all the necessary procedures for border crossing the border guard officer suspected the driver in smuggling.

In the course of a joint review in the cavities of the left and right wings, luggage compartment and the back seat of the vehicle were found hidden from the border and customs control cigarette brands ‘Pryluky Special’ and ‘7 Fest’ in the total number of 780 packs, access to which was made possible after the dismantling of decorative covering in the mentioned areas.

Preliminary assessment of the amount of cigarettes and the car amounts nearly 190 thousand hryvnia.

‘Chop’ border guard department control revealed two citizens of Serbia, who exceeded the established by law period of staying in Ukraine during the passport control. As a result, the Serbs were brought to the administrative liability with payment of fine in the amount of $510 hryvnia each – informs the press service of Chop border troop.


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