Border guards found in Transcarpathia a foreign car with fake documents loaded on a trailer

In Transcarpathia, border guards of the Chop detachment together with customs workers prevented illegal import of a vehicle to Ukraine.  

A truck "Mercedes" with a trailer driven by a 30-year-old Ukrainian arrived at the checkpoint "Tisa". In the trailer, the man was carrying to Ukraine another truck – "Peugeot". The Ukrainian presented law enforcement officers the document for the vehicle, which stated that the cost of the vehicle bought abroad was about UAH 106 thousand. However, during the in-depth inspection, border guards together with customs workers found among personal belongings of the citizen of Ukraine another document stating that the cost of the same vehicle was over UAH 257 thousand.

Currently, the truck released in 2012, that was carried by the Ukrainian from abroad, has been seized. Relevant procedural documents against the offender were drawn up.

Press Service of the Chop border guard detachment

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