Border guards detained illegal migrants from Moldova

Yesterday border guars of "Velyky Berezny" unit of the Chop detachment arrested another "duo" of illegal immigrants who wanted to get into the EU.
During night patrolling of the state border, the border guards stopped two unknown persons who were going in the direction of Ukrainian-Slovakian border. At the request of border guards to provide documents that could certify the identities of the men, the latter replied that they had no documents with them. As a result, the men admitted that they intended to illegally enter the Slovak Republic to continue their journey to Italy. 
Detainees also reported being citizens of the Republic of Moldova, and the decision to make the illegal voyage they made in connection with a difficult financial situation at home.
The offenders were delivered to the station to clarify the circumstances of the offense and make administrative and procedural documents. Now they expect the court decision, which will determine their punishment – informed the press office Chop border guard detachment.

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