Border guards detained a German citizen who tried to get to Slovakia bypassing the checkpoint

Yesterday, border guards of the Chop detachment, at the site ot the railway transport department "Chop (Strazh)", detained a German citizen who tried to illegally enter the Slovak Republic.

While monitoring the border, border patrol noticed an unknown person moving towards the border. Wasting no time, border guards began searching activities. Thus, 300 meters from the state border, border guards arrested a German national. The violator had documents on him, however, he refused to explain his actions. Later, during the document check. it was found out that the 32-year-old German national had entered the territory of Ukraine legally by train.

Currently, the detainee was brought to the detention center to draw up administrative documents under Art. 204 of the CAO of Ukraine "Illegal crossing or attempting to illegally cross the state border of Ukraine."

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