Border guards deny information about beating a Transcarpathian citizen

Due to the appearance in media of the materials about the involvement of the border guards in beating a resident of Transcarpathia, the press service of Mukachevo Border Squad has reported the following.

The Border Office received the information about the occurrence of a non-standard situation between the border guard officers of the educational State Border Service center of Ukraine (Orshanets) and a resident of the village of Nove Klynove in Vynohradiv district.

The employees of the Border Office were on vacation. At 11:00 p.m. on July 24, a border guard’s wife’s nephew addressed to him, reporting that his father was planning to kill himself. The guards told the police about this and went to the man’s house. They found him in a loop in the attic of his house.
They immediately took him out and gave first aid. During transportation of the citizen from the attic the floor broke and they all fell down. The ambulance arrived at the scene and having examined the suicide, the doctors stated that he needed to consult a psychiatrist, because over the last month he had attempted to commit suicide three times.

The guards were invited to the Ministry of Internal Affairs Department in Vinogradovo as witnesses for the questioning. According to the information given by the police, there were no signs of crime in border guards’ actions – the press service of Mukachevo border squad reports.

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