Border guards commented on the incident on the state border

The official statement on the events that happened on the territory of the Border Guard Department ‘Salovka’.

Due to the information which appeared in some electronic mass media with reference to the law enforcement bodies, about the events on the territory of the border guard department ‘Salovka’, the press service of Chop border troop declares:

Approximately at 2 a.m. on July 1 on the territory of the border guard department ‘Salovka’ of Chop border guard troop, border guards made an attempt to arrest lorry GAZ-66 and the group of citizens who were 300 meters from the Ukrainian-Hungarian border. During the detention border guards were forced to use the device for shooting of rubber bullets Fort 12R and for lighting of the territory – shots from the signal gun.

Two individuals were detained in the course of action, the rest of the lorry disappeared in logistic direction. Moreover, the truck dangerously maneuvering made the border guards’ car to drive into a ditch.

After a while, the traffic police revealed on the outskirts of the village of Mala Dobron, which is 10 kilometers from the place of events, four male persons, one of whom was dead and the rest three were on the roadside with serious bodily injuries. Later, in one of the villages of Uzhhorod district in a private courtyard was found burnt lorry GAZ-66 without a driver and around 25 boxes of cigarettes in warehouses. According this fact law enforcement agencies hold investigative actions defined by the legislation.

Press Service of the Chop border troop

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