Border guards asked to help them with illegal migrants

Illegal migrants detained at the border of Ukraine and those that are still illegally in its territory, carry with them a number of economic and social issues: trafficking of narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances, diseases that are rare in Ukraine, the crime – say guards of the Chop detachments.

It is reported that one in ten illegal immigrants, which in 2012 failed to realize his dream of the EU, was detained "due to the information of the law-abiding, caring and just friendly locals". However guards also complain that unfortunately, not all people are aware of the dangers of illegal immigrants.

During 8 months in 2012 the investigation agency of Chop border guard detachment instituted 12 criminal cases over trafficking of persons across the state border of Ukraine (Art. 332 of Criminal Code of Ukraine), which exceeds the results for the same period in 2011 more than twice.

Border guards ask Transcarpathians to be aware and stress: "The prosperity of Ukraine, our land and our well-being depends only on our combined efforts to establish a stable system of combating illegal migration, organized crime, smuggling activities, on the understanding of the importance of ensuring the security of the borders of our country."

Source: Press Service of the Chop border guard detachment

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