Border guards ask to listen to the advice of Romanian weather forecasters

According to the press service of Chernivtsi border guard detachment, because of blizzards in Romania as of 11.00 December 16, 2012 the Romanian side decided to temporarily suspend the traffic of freight vehicles, both for entry to and for exit from the country through the checkpoint "Siret – Porubne."

Given the limitations of traffic through this checkpoint, border guards recommend to postpone near-term trips to Romania. The office of the Chernivtsi border guards detachment advises those who still need to visit the Romanian Republic to go via checkpoint "Ďakovo" (Transcarpathian region, Vynogradiv district).

Also, the Border Guard Service recommends to comply with the requirements of the competent authorities of Romania and equip vehicles with winter tires, chains, shovels and other equipment necessary in case of falling in snow drifts. 

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