Border guards and customs officers “appreciated” ingenuity of a Ukrainian

A citizen of Ukraine, who was driving by an "Opel" to Hungary via the checkpoint "Tisa", showed quite an ingenuity in his desire to make money. However, border guards and customs officers thoroughly inspected the car and, as a result, found foreign objects in the spare wheel. After dismantling of the wheels, inspectors counted 217 packs of cigarettes "Priluky", "Optima", "Capital" and "President".

The tobacco products and the spare wheel were confoscated according to the law and assessed at 1,200 and 200 UAH respectively.

Recall that this is not the first attempt of illegal transportation of tobacco products in a spare wheel of a passenger car – in March, our compatriot "pumped" into the spare tire of his car 150 packs of cigarettes.


10.10.2014 Тиса сигарети в запасному колесі 2


10.10.2014 Тиса сигарети в запасному колесі 4

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