Book Day to be held in Uzhgorod

In the literary calendar, April 23 is a World Book and Copyright Day. The General Conference of UNESCO held in Paris in 1995, decided to give this day a tribute to books and authors, encouraging everyone, especially the youth, to find pleasure in reading and to respect an irreplaceable heritage of those who contributed to the cultural progress of humanity, so they founded the World Book and Copyright Day as well as the UNESCO Prize for the Promotion of Tolerance in the literature for children and youth.

Since then this day has been celebrated in 190 countries around the world, and every town finds an original form of books propaganda.
In Uzhgorod at the initiative of the department of Uzhgorod city council education, the book and all people involved in its creation were honored by a number of activities that take place in schools and develop into citywide celebrations.

The present book festival will be held as part of ‘Sakura – 2012’ events, on April 24, 2012, and will offer book fans the series of events, both traditional and innovative.

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