Bohdan Andriyiv: I wish Uzhgorod schoolchildren to have exciting, interesting and eventful holidays

The Mayor Bohdan Andriyiv congratulated Uzhgorod schoolchildren on the end of the "slightly unusual" school year. 
"The end of May is traditionally associated with the end of the school year. 
However, this year classrooms are unusually empty, no children’s voices in school corridors – quarantine due to the coronavirus pandemic has made adjustments in almost all areas of our lives. 
Dear Uzhgorod schoolchildren! I want to thank you for continuing to study, even though doing it at home, remotely, without friends nearby, was much more difficult than at school. Today the school year ended, albeit without the traditional line ups, the symbolic ringing of the last bell, and without proms. However, we all feel the joy that always come on the eve of summer holidays. 
I wish schoolchildren to have exciting, interesting, eventful holidays. Rest well, read a lot, play sports, grow and improve. I wish graduates successful completion of the external tests and right choices in adult life. I wish teachers strength and inspiration to get ready for the next school year!", – Bohdan Andriyiv writes


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