Blitz once again conquered international spaces, although not all the dancers…were given visas

On April 26-29 National Art Collective “Studio of Modern Dance ‘Blitz’” of Transcarpathian Regional Palace of Children and Youth Art "PADIUN" sent to Slovakia its students to participate in the concert of international importance.

The concert, organized in the village of Bardejovski Kupeli, has become one of the events of the general Slovak-Ukrainian-Hungarian project «Friendship SK-UA-HU», which is implemented within the framework of European neighborhood and partnership Hungary-Slovakia-Romania-Ukraine 2007-2013, with the participation of Transcarpathian regional Palace of Children and Youth Art "PADIUN".


"Blitz" was represented by the teachers Fedyo Ishtvan, Danilovich Diana and 24 pupils of three dancing groups of the Studio aged 8 to 17 years. In addition to dancing compositions, vocal items of the program by Lesiv Darya were also represented in the concert program of Ukraine.


Unfortunately, the studio failed to demonstrate all planned for the show dances, because before the trip Consulate General of the Slovak Republic refused to issue Schengen visas to five members of the group. Since "Blitz" did not present one of the dances at the concert of international significance because several of its members had not received a visa, all other 9 children, having lost the opportunity to dance this dance, refused from the trip too. That’s how easy it is to deprive talented children of the opportunity to express themselves and look at the neighboring country.
 And one wouldn’t regret looking at them!


Young tourists visited the beautiful historic Slovak cities of Koshitse, Stara Lyubovnya, Bardejov and Rozhnava, where they had a particularly interesting excursion around the medieval castle in Stara Lyubovnya.


Blitz pupils hope that next time the procedure for issuing Schengen visas will not be an obstacle to Transcarpathian out-of-school education and development of modern choreography.

Having coped with the cross-border cooperation in the Ukrainian-Slovak-Hungarian region, "Blitz" moved further on – to Europe. Another group of the Studio took part in the International Festival-Contest of Children and Youth "Blooming Czech Republic – 2012", organized in Teplice (Czech Republic) with the support of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of the Czech Republic, town hall of  Teplice and the Committee on Culture of the City Hall in Prague. Teplice is a well-known spa resort in the north-west of the country.

Blitz came to the festival consisting of 13 people, among them – 11 dancers, a teacher-choreographer Eleonora Kos and a director of "Blitz" Elena Kaminskaya. Small “Blitz” dancers (10-14 years old) again showed their skill by winning two third places with dances in the styles of hip-hop and Broadway jazz. For some participants it was perhaps the first performance in their lives, yet they coped with the excitement and showed class!
 As part of this festival, the members of "Blitz" also visited other beautiful European cities – Vienna, Prague, Dresden, Berlin and had the opportunity to visit one of the largest zoos in Europe (in Prague), and relax in the indoor aqua park (near Berlin).

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