Blackmailers were detained in Transcarpathia

During the pre-trial investigation, the police found out that the residents of Lviv region were engaged in blackmail. Currently, the criminal activity of the defendants has been stopped, all participants have been detained and placed in a temporary detention center. The investigation into the case is ongoing. This was reported by the Communications department of the Transcarpathian regional police.

Recently, officers of the Transcarpathian Police Operations Department received information that a group of extortionists was working in the regional center, blackmailing local residents and demanding money from them.

During the investigation, it turned out that three residents of Lviv region had planned a scheme for illegal money making. The main actor was a 29-year-old woman.

Thus, according to the plan, the woman would meet men, seduce them, and when they met for sex, the woman’s accomplices would break into apartments and start filming everything. After that, the men, who were caught on camera, received offers to pay off. In case of refusal, the blackmailers threatened to share the video among the relatives of the victim or in public, through social networks.

The victims were asked to pay $ 2,000.

The police stopped the criminal activities of the guests from the neighboring region yesterday, August 5.

The extortionists are charged with crimes under part 2 of Article 189 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine, ie extortion committed by a group of persons with prior conspiracy. All three defendants were detained in accordance with Article 208 of the CPC and placed in a temporary detention facility. The criminals face up to seven years in prison for the crime.



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