Biologists of UzhNU started their own fest

This year’s biologists’ day celebration was marked with two events at once at the Faculty of Biology – ‘Plant a tree’ and ‘Goulash soup fest’.

Since early morning the teachers and students of UzhNU Faculty of Biology ‘landed’ in a sports camp ‘Skalka’ near the village Kamianytsa and got down to business at once. They started with the planting of trees and making a new alley.

Then they formed five teams: three students’ ones – ‘Salamandra’, ‘Arnika’, ‘Agrozhyvchyky’, teachers and children team – ‘Maybutni biology’ (Future biologists), which consisted of the teacher’s children. Each team approached very anxiously to the cooking case and really impressed the jury with tasty dishes.

A hot dish was tested by Mykhailo Roshko (a writer, person that is currently in charge of FRG, the deputy of Uzhgorod city council), Yaroslava Gasynets (the Associate Professor of UzhNU Department of Botanic, deputy of Uzhgorod city council), Andriana Zavadiak (the head of the students’ UzhNU organization), Volodymyr Roshko (the dean of UzhNU Faculty of Biology).

The jury was guided not only by the traditional characteristics of food (taste, smell, texture), but also by the students’ creativity in its preparation and presentation. Jury selected the ‘Arnika’ team as the winner of ‘Goulash fest’ after a long discussion. The second place was shared between the ‘Salamndra’ and ‘Agrozhyvchyky’ teams. The third (honorary) place won the teachers with their children team ‘Maybutni biology’ (Future biologists).

All participants were awarded with valuable gifts and the dean of the Faculty thanked permanent patrons for their help in organizing the fest – the first deputy of Uzhgorod Mayor Viktor Trykur and deputies of Transcarpathian Regional Council – Vladimir Smolanka and Vladimir Chubirko.

You can see all the details of the unusual event here.


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