Bicycle routes along the dams of narrow-gauge railways will be made In Transcarpathia

Bicycle paths are a topical issue when it comes to tourism in Transcarpathia. The number of cyclists is growing every day and so is the demand for cycling routes. That is why they are developing ideas on where and how to arrange them, Arsen Melkumyan, the Vice President of the Transcarpathian Tourist Organization, said at a meeting of the Uzhgorod Press Club on Friday. 
According to him, the practice of building bicycle lanes on disused railway dams is widespread in Poland, and would be very good in Transcarpathia, where there are also many dams and abandoned tracks. 
"The Poles showed us an example of how they use the dams which don’t have tracks no more, – Arsen Melkumyan says. – We can also do the same on the dams that remained from the narrow-gauge railway – now they are cluttered, but it is quite possible to clear them." 
Melkumyan also clarified that there are many embankments built for narrow-gauge railways in the region, so the network of bicycle routes could also be extensive. This would give a significant impetus to the development of tourist infrastructure along the routes of narrow gauge railways. 
It is tentatively expected to start the works in the spring of 2021.


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