Beware of Uzhgorod cats!

This week, an Uzhgorod couple and their first child were infected with rabies by a domestic cat. The Deputy Head of Veterinary Medicine Department of Uzhgorod Volodymyr Hutnyk said that animal had not bitten their owners, which saved their lives. But it was always in close contact with the family, so its saliva could have caused the infection.

According to the doctor, rabies was detected only after several tests. As soon as they found out the cause of its death, the department immediately announced a quarantine in the whole neighborhood (from Koshitska street, including the "Chervenytsya" and to the hypermarket "Nova liniya"). If someone wants to take out a domestic cat or dog from there, they will not receive permit from veterinarians. And veterinarians are now vaccinating all pets in the neighborhood, the Holos Karpat reported.

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