Beregovo invites to the wine festival! (Announcement)

The 14th traditional International wine festival in Beregovo district will take place in March this year. The venue of the festival is the central square of the city. The organizer of the event is Beregovo Wine Knight Order of St. Wenzel, the event page on Facebook informs.


of the XIV Beregovo International Wine Festival

3rd of March 2017 (Friday)

9.00 Exhibition and fair of Transcarpathian wines.

9.30-13.00 Submission of samples for tasting contest "Best wine of the wine festival"

12.00 Better than "Viagra". Wine is a drink of love.

15.00 Laying wreaths at the monument of outstanding professor-surgeon, grape breeder Bertolon Linner. (Beregovo, B. Linner st. 1. /District Hospital/).

4th of March 2017 (Saturday)

9.00 Exhibition and sale of Transcarpathian wines.

11.45 Festive march. Invited guests (delegations) line up near the Roman Catholic Church (Rakoczy st., 3).

12.00 Opening of the XIV International Wine Festival in Beregovo district. Initiation of new knights and ladies /maids of honor/ to the Wine Knight Order of St. Wenzel. Announcement of the wine competition results, presentation of medals (Kossuth Square, in front of City House of Culture, big stage).

18.00 Everybody dance. Festivities on Kossuth Square

5th of March 2017 (Sunday)

9.00 Exhibition and fair of Transcarpathian wines.

11.00 Mass for growers and winemakers.

14.00 Farewell to the guests of the festival.

 Every day during the festival: Concert program. Performances of ensembles. Raffle.

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