Beregovo deputies appealed to the leadership of the country

Deputies of Beregovo District Council this week adopted an appeal on the administrative and territorial reform. The deputies appealed to all possible instances: the President, the Parliament, the government, the regional state administration and council and personally to 12 deputies. The main demand of the deputies is not to change the boundaries of the district during the administrative and territorial reform.

"The city of Beregovo has the status of the city of regional importance and together with Beregovo district, it is a national cultural center of the Hungarian population in Transcarpathian region. Beregovo district has a high potential for socio-economic development with a developed recreational infrastructure. The district borders with the EU. 

There are 3 international crossing points on the border. The Consulate General of Hungary is situated in Beregovo.

Given the above and the declared course to the European integration of Ukraine, where minority rights occupy a special niche in the activity local governments, we ask you, according to current legislation of Ukraine, to preserve (create) an independent Beregovo district that unites most of the local municipalities of the indigenous population – Hungarians", – the appeal reads.

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