Beregovo celebrates its ‘birthday’ (PHOTOS)

The Day of town Beregovo will be celebrated two day this year – May 18 and 19. The grand opening was held today at noon on the central square named after Laiosh Koshut. The delegations from Hungary, Romania and Slovakia attended the event. The leaders of town and districts of region, the regional State Administration representatives joined to the greetings. The traditional theatrical parade of pupils and students of Beregovo educational institutions, athletes and the art groups representatives.

The Head of the Regional Council Ivan Baloga congratulated the Beregovo citizens and its guests.

‘Beregovo’ is updating, becomes more beautiful. The entire community endeavors to its development. The powerful European investment companies are working there, the utility industry was reformed and the sports life is actively developing. The Day of the city is originally conducting there, not like in other cities of the region. The city’s dwellers are served as an example of how to work and how successfully organize the holiday’ – pointed out the head of the Regional Council.

The opening exhibition of the regional association of professional artists’ works ‘Tvorchist Zakarpattia’ (‘The Transcarpathian Art’) was opened as a part of celebration on Friday in the Gross-Arnold exhibition hall. The Trade Fair will operate these days in the city, the amateur art activities bands form Beregovo, Uzhgorod and Hungary will perform there. 


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