Beregovo – a destination for gourmets

February 3 – 9, the second week of Hungarian cuisine will be held in Beregovo. Almost all the major restaurants and hotels, located at the same area where the largest Hungarian community in Ukraine resides, have joined the event.

This week gastronomic "travelers" will have a 50% discount. Although the biggest discount is given on Thursday, February 6.

Berehovo Rural Tourism Association, headed by Charlotte Chizmar, will coordinate the event, which is held by the example of neighboring Hungary. She says that this year rural estates will actively participate in Hungarian cuisine week. Many of them will accept pre-orders.   

For now more than 15 restaurants confirmed their participation in the event, says the director of Beregovo Tourist Information Centre Joseph Torpoi. Each institution prepares appropriate menu. Some will offer up to ten positions.

February 6, the day of biggest discounts named "Fat Thursday", the organizers are holding presentation – with winemakers of Beregovo (wine tasting) and folklore groups.

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