Benefits of using your own virtual studio with green screen

Virtual studios are backgrounds that are displayed behind the on screen talent using technology called chromakey.  

By overlapping the layers of the video with the host, producers are able to make a spare room in one’s home look like a professional television studio.  Virtual sets are increasing in popularity, as it gives the opportunity to create one-of-a-kind scenes for movies or television without the need for expensive real sets. Many of today’s movies, music videos, and talk shows utilize the ease of a virtual set and most people cannot tell the difference.


There are a great variety of benefits associated with using virtual sets for green screens compared to an actual physical set.  For one thing, creating a virtual set costs exceedingly less than creating a physical set. For instance, if one needs to film something in the Sahara Desert but has not the funds to travel, he or she can superimpose a still picture or an animated video of the Sahara via the green screen technology.

Green screens can be purchased at a very low cost and cg4tv  offers royalty-free virtual sets that are easy to implement into one’s current backdrop.  Plus, virtual sets allow one to change the background of his or her show or video in one click rather than the cumbersome studio set changes that have been necessary in the past.  


cg4tv also offers free tutorials for those who are just starting out in the world of virtual set technology.  For those who are a bit more experienced, there are also free test files available for download so that one can see how endless his or her possibilities are.  

Virtual set technology is almost universally compatible with many of the non-linear editing systems available on the market, as well.  The editing software must allow for color keying, however. There are many full-featured editing types of software available that provide this capability.

Virtual sets for green screens can save time as well as money and help the producer to create the most polished looking production.  Regardless of the budget on which one may be, there are several virtual set- and editing tools available to help him or her create astounding projects.  To see if a virtual set for green screens could make one’s show or video a bit more full of pizzazz, visit cg4tv and see what all the buzz is about. The show must go on, so put it on in style.

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