Beneficial paving: streets in Mukachevo are repaired according to the plan

About 700 000 UAH are to be allocated from Mukachevo city budget for capital repairs of roads.   Also, much of this money will be spent on installing new street hatches. Financing from the city budget will also be used for cleaning the bed of Koropetsky channel that runs through the city from the village of Verhniy Koropets to the Latorytsya River and crosses several main streets.   

According to officials, street lighting in Mukachevo is being gradually replaced with LED lamps. This saves budgetary costs. New sreetlights will soon be installed on the main streets of the city.

Over the last few years a lot has been done to improve the condition of roads and traffic safety.A few years ago, asphalt coating on the Duhnovich street was replaced with stone-block pavement. This is quite a profitable business.  Asphalt quickly deteriorates due to heavy vehicles and different weather conditions and must be renewed regularly. And finding money on expensive asphalt is not so easy.   The bulk of the funds is allocated from the state budget through subsidies and little adapted to local needs. 

Finally the official spoke on traffic patterns in the streets and intersections of the city.  At all locations where streetlights are installed, traffic regulation is carried out by the city authority. If the road scheme appears to be too complicated, it will be ordered from respective design organizations. 

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