Because of the illness of the judge, the hearing in the case of the former head physician of Uzhgorod Perinatal Center was canceled without notice

Uzhgorod City Court continues hearing on the reinstatement of the former head of Uzhgorod City Perinatal Center (UCPC) Ruslan Fedko. The next hearing was scheduled for 14.00 on December 20.

However, nobody was notified that it was postponed indefinitely. Neither plaintiffs, nor defendants, nor representatives of the city prosecutor’s office knew that the judge is currently on sick leave. Of course, such a disorganization of justice is inadequate because the parties should have been notified of such changes in hearings.
Thus hearing on the reinstatement of Ruslan Fedko again has been put into the pending tray. Therefore, it is not known how this delaying will affect the judgment.

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