Because of false information about the cargo, customs officials seized goods of a Kyiv company worth 170,000 UAH

At the international checkpoint "Uzhgorod", inspectors of the Operations Division of the Service to combat smuggling and customs rules violations of the Chop customs office during the clearence of the truck at the border found out inaccurate information on the weight, quantity and value of goods that would have caused shortfalls in customs transfers to the budget.

According to the accompanying documents submitted by a Ukrainian driver, the truck "Mercedes-Benz" was delivering to a Kyiv company from Germany 1132 pcs. of goods: "articles of plastic, protective mat, blankets, curtains," with the total cost of 168,769.48 UAH. At the Ukrainian-Slovak border, this truck arrived without seals of the customs authorities of the EU, therefore Chop inspectors decided to completely unload and count the declared goods to ensure the legality of their import into the territory of Ukraine.

As a result, it was revealed that the actual quantity exceeds that stated in the documents. 

Subsequently, the Chop Customs received a formal letter from the German sender company, which stated that the discrepancy occurred through the fault of the representative of their company – a citizen of Poland.  

So, for submitting to customs authorities false data on quantity, weight and value of the goods, provided by an official of the German sender company, the protocol was written against the Pole under Article 483, Part 1 of the Customs Code of Ukraine on violation of customs regulations. The cargo, valued at almost 170,000 UAH, was seized until the court decision.

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