Because of “extra” 5 tons of Chinese collars, all the goods and the vehicle was seized

In the international checkpoint "Uzhgorod" inspectors of the Operations Division of the Chop customs office during the clearance of a truck at the border found inaccurate information on the weight of goods, which would have led to shortfalls of customs transfers to the budget.

According to accompanying documents presented by the Ukrainian driver, he was delivering from China to one of Lviv firms 1,948 boxes of metal collars weighing 19 tons. Although the truck arrived at the Ukrainian-Slovak border with intact customs seal of the customs authorities of Poland, Chop inspectors during weighing, discovered the excess weight of the goods equal to 4.8 tons. They had to unload all the goods to determine the cause of inconsistencies of the declared data. The number of boxes of the product was correct, but the weight was nearly 24 tons.

So, accordingly, the amount of customs duties, which must have been paid at the actual weight is 57,700 hryvnias, not 46,000, as the dealers planned. Chop Customs sent a request to the Ukrainian company – receiver, which stated that the person responsible for work with customs clearance and preparation of shipping documents at the Chinese firm was the deputy general director.  

  Therefore, for pesenting false data on the weight of the goods against the Chinese manager the protocol under Article 483, Part 1.of the Customs Code of Ukraine on violation of customs regulations was written. The cargo, valued at almost 180,000 UAH, was seized until the court decision.

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