Be careful – in Transcarpathia, crooks in the streets “removed the damage”

In Mukachevo, two crooks, under the pretext of breaking a hex spell on her family, took from a 30-year-old resident of Mukachevo 1500 dollars, 50 euros and jewelry. 

The police are looking for crooks and ask local residents to be careful.


Yesterday, about noon, a 30-year-old local woman reported the Mukachevo police that on D. Halytsky street she was approached by two women aged about 30 years, one of whom was pregnant, and said that they were psychics.

The strangers told the woman that somebody had put a spell on her family. And they could help her in this.  Next thing the victim remembers is her going home and bringing money and jewelry to the strangers.   

The crooks took it and fled.  The amount of the damage is about 50,000 UAH. 

Description of the suspects: one of the women is 28-30 years old, short stature, brown hair, was dressed in a light jacket and suede shoes.

The other woman is 25-27 years old, was dressed in a dark jacket and, according to the applicant, was pregnant. 

The police opened a criminal proceeding over this incident under Part 1 of Article 309 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine.

(Fraud). Currently, Mukachevo law enforcement officers are taking a number of search measures to identify and detain the crroks. 

Law enforcement officials urge people to be cautious and not to engage in conversation with strangers, that offer help you with your problems. 


Department of Communications

of Transcarpathian Regional Police

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