“Bavka” presented silent thriller-melodrama movie about Motley Pullet and are going to Turkey

Yesterday, March 24, on the occasion of the Day of Puppeteer and the International Day of Theater, which will be celebrated on March 27, the Transcarpathian Regional Academic Puppet Theater "Bavka" showed "Kapusnyak".

As the actors themselves told the audience from the stage, kapusnyak originated from very ancient times – it is a play that the actors give for themselves, often with improvisation. Later kapusnyaks became so popular that they began to invite general audience.

Improvisations with Old Man, Old Woman, Motley Pullet and her golden egg formed the basis of the performance of Uzhgorod puppeteers. On the stage there were variations of a silent film, a thriller and even a love story based on the tale’s plot. In short, kapusnyak is a must see.

And on March 28, the company leaves for Turkey to take part in the puppet festival. On the Black Sea coast, Uzhgorod puppeteers will show the play "Horses."

Also, the newly appointed theater director Miroslav Petiy told reporters that this year they would resume the annual international festival "Interlialka."   

Also, this year, the regional theatre started collaboration with colleagues from the Slovak city of Kosice.

The next theater season they plan to implement in Uzhgorod schools the project with the subscriber tickets for students. According to the artists, they have something to show both for primary and for high school students. Especially that "Aeneid" or "Forest Song" are taught in the school curriculum.

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