Battle of the “Crown”

Viktor Baloha proposed to convene extraordinary meeting of Uzhgorod City Council and regretted having supported Pogorelov for the mayoral election

Unexpected and scandalous sale of the "Crown" complex in the center of Uzhgorod left nobody indifferent. 
The complex was sold for just a little more than 8 million UAH to the enterprise which had been registered only 12 days before the tender took place, although the city government had announced that they expected to raise from 24 to 46 million from the sale. 

Interestingly, the city mayor, Viktor Pogorelov, was on vacation when this was happening. Also the announcement of a tender required by law was published in Saturday’s issue of the "Uzhgorod" newspaper … on Tuesday. This "delay" of the print was put down to financial difficulties.
Baloha proposed to convene an extraordinary meeting of Uzhgorod City Council so that all members expressed their position on the unusually quick sale of the "Crown". As explained by United Center faction leader, Vasil Kruchanytsya, many members did not even know that this tender would take place.
In his words, all faction members agree with the initiative of Viktor Ivanovich and want to gather in the debating chamber to hear all the details on the sale of the "Crown".Representatives of other factions also signed the statement. According to "Batkivshchyna" faction member Ivan Kolodiy, the necessary number of signatures has been already collected, and the meeting will be held, the only question is when.

Unfortunately, the meeting alone is not enough. As explained by the City Council Secretary, Viktor Shchadey, legally deputies can not cancel the results of the tender. Though he himself subscribed to the demand for extraordinary meeting, he can not predict how it will end.  
All this time the mayor of Uzhgorod was on vacation, so neither he nor his press secretary expressed his opinion. As of Wednesday, August 15, we know that Pogorelov returned from vacation, but still have not expressed his reaction on the situation about the "Crown".  

In general, the sale of the "Crown" contradicts to several Council resolutions. 
The case is supposed to be investigated by the city prosecutor’s office. But, oddly enough, this organization who previously had been very actively inspecting the work of the city authorities and repeatedly forbade them to execute certain actions, in this case does not show any signs of activity …

After all, we can assume that the object was actually sold in accordance with all the rules. But it would be nice to be sure of this, however as of now no evidence was brought – only promises that the sale was fair and profitable for the city.  
Should we believe it? ..

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