Baranyntsi complain about Uzhgorod. Over the land

Baranyntsi village head sent a letter to the head of the Transcarpathian Regional Administration and other government and control services regarding the project of the adjustment of Uzhgorod Master Plan.

Yuri Marusyak argues that, quote, "the document infringes on the legal existing limits of Baranyntsi village council and surrounding villages of Uzhgorod district." The letter of the Baranyntsi village head is published in the community "Uzhgorod" in Facebook.

The head of the village council complains that according to the Master Plan, 500 hectares of the land of Baranyntsi village will be annexed to Uzhgorod. He assumes that, if the new master plan for the city of Uzhgorod is approved, Baranyntsi Village Council will become subsidized.

The use of the urban infrastructure by Baranyntsi village is not mentioned in the letter.

By the way, last week, Uzhgorod district council also expressed their dissatisfaction with the new city master plan. Today there wiil be a press conference to discuss the Master Plan with the participation of the chief architect of the city.

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