Band “Vandor” won’t reveal what they will perform in the final of the “Chervona Ruta”

Recently, the Transcarpathian qualifying round of the All-Ukrainian Music Festival of Contemporary Song and Popular Music "Chervona Ruta" took place in the hall of the regional Philharmonic.

The jury of the qualifying round was headed by the director of the "Chervona Ruta", senior teacher of the National Music Academy Taras Melnyk.

The winners of the qualifying round in the genre of "popular music" are: Anastasia Balog, Serhiy Roman, Andriana Deshko, Karina Kornuta, Valeriya Antal and Nicoletta Melnychuk.

In the genre "Ukrainian authentic folklore", the winner is the band "Tsintoria" from Bushtyno.
 And in the genre "rock music", the famous Transcarpathian band "Vandor" was selected to the final stage of the festival.

I decided to ask a couple of questions to the frontman of "Vandor" Istvan Khalus.

– What did you play at the selection?

– We played three already known songs

And what will you play at the final, in Chernivtsi?

– We are now finishing the new album, I think, we will present something from it…

Wow! New album! Cool! And how will you call it?

– Well, I am not saying it for now. There must be some secret, right? (laughs)

Come on, just for me, not for the record…

– I know your "not for the record"… (laughs even louder).

Well, then let’s make a deal: as soon as you decide that it’s time to reveal, you call me right away.  

– All right, deal…

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