Band 4isla presents a new single – a tribute to their hometown (VIDEO)

"Open the door for me" is a new single from Uzhgorod band 4isla. The song is a tribute to the city, which forever remains the same in our memory.  

"The hometown always calls you. Distances turn into years, and you are craving for this meeting more and more. The long separation leaves its mark: you immediately notice how things have changed around, and most of all – people. Time is constantly moving forward, but in your memory, everyone is alive and happy, as they once were", – the author and performer of the song Hennadiy Donetsky says. 

"Open the door for me" is the first of the three singles that will be released in the near future. According to the musicians, all new songs turned out so different that the only right decision was to release each of them separately, rather than all together in a mini-album. The cover artist for the releases is designer Boris Rabel.   


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