Baloha suggested the “hot shots” from small opposition parties to withdraw from elections

"There are still several days for "hot shots" to withdraw from the election and not to interfere with big players. I repeatedly called minor parties that call themselves the opposition and pro-Ukrainian, to quit the election campaign in favor of "Batkivshchyna", "Svoboda" and "UDAR" – Baloha wrote on his page in Facebook.

"You know that in the national-democratic camp there have always been problems with hetmans. That is why, frankly, I had little hope that there is at least one party that would step over their own egos. I would not like to act out someone’s lawyer, but "Sobor" made the right decision.

Yushchenko, Shukhevych and other politicians must do the same, if they really want to develop Ukraine" – said the politician.

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