Baloha reminded Azarov that the time has come to take action concerning toilets (VIDEO)

"This is the facade of the leasure center in the village of Svoboda in Berehove district where yesterday I had meeting with the local community" – Baloha posted in Facebook photos made ​​during meetings with the village community.

"You must understand that almost all social infrastructure of Berehove district is in such condition. I’m not even talking about the roads because in Transcarpathia they have always been bad. 

But here the people are deprived of even basic things. For example, in Svoboda school there is not even a normal toilet. Everybody: children and teachers go to a wooden booth. This is despite the fact that the prime minister ordered to equip rural schools with warm toilets by September 1. And he promised that in case of failure to fulfill the order some grave actions concerning official’s employment will be taken. Mr., Azarov maybe the time has come to take them?" – said the politician.

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