Baloha never went to kindergarten. They wuold not accept him

"What you and us, as a State, can do for those who, due to the actions of adults, is forced to learn in orphanages and boarding schools? Probably the main thing is to give them such an education that will enable them to be independent and self-sufficient. So after their stepping into the official "adult" life, because life in orphanages in itself makes these children to become adults during childhood, the child could create their own family and, most importantly, do not repeat the actions of adults, which braught them to children’s home or orphanage," – wrote the poltician on the Day of Knowledge in his Facebook.

In his opinion, one of the cornerstones of reaching this aim is the appropriate level of pedagogical and technological support of education, which is provided in orphanages and children’s homes.

"In my home village of Zavydovo, the kindergarten was located in an old broken down shack that had been built long before my birth and had long been subject to demolition. So 30 kids that went to a kindergarten, desperately needed a new building. And so 3 years ago, at the site of the demolished shack, I built and delivered to the community to use kindergarten for 150 places, equipped with kitchen, computers, TVs, gym and all that is required so the kids went there with pleasure. Today 100 children go there. So there are places and motivation for the birth of new villagers" – told Baloha.

"Why did I build a kindergarten? Because when I was a child I was not accepted to kindergarten because I was from a dispossessed family.   So I wanted to give these kids what I didn’t have".  – said the politician.

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