Baloha is against “shovels and rakes experts”

"As long as we feed such a structure as Ukravtodor, we will not have good roads. Because instead we have an army of corrupt officials, who over many years have well learnt to "use" the money" – Baloha wrote in his Facebook profile

"This structure must be permanently eliminated, and make place for global companies with advanced technology and experience. And gradually we will learn to work from them. For normal roads can not be built with obsolete equipment and the mentality of embezzlers. Nobody works with shovels and rakes anymore – now everything is automated, the technology is developing, but we stayed in the last century."

"The only normal road in Ukraine is a few tens of kilometers stretch from Kyiv to Boryspil. The rest – more than 160,000 kilometers of roads – are obsolete and physically worn out. And the only thing you can do with them is to throw another few dozen billion hryvnias on them" – Baloha summed up.  

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