Baloha and Dombrovski can vote in Parliament – the head of the CVU

The Chairman of the Committee of Voters of Ukraine Oleksandr Chernenko said that judges of the Supreme Administrative Court of Ukraine exceeded their powers by depriving Pavlo Baloha and Oleksandr Dombrovsky of their mandates, and suggests that these members will continue their work in parliament. The expert said that in his comments to UNN.

In connection with the expiration of the term for challenging the election results, according to Chernenko, there is a dilemma: on the one hand the judgment is final and it must be obeyed, but on the other hand – the legitimacy of such a judgement is very questionable and there may be next round of legal and political controversy.

Since the situation is beyond the legal field, the Parliament is unlikely to rush to appoint re-election in constituencies where P.Baloha and O.Dombrovsky were elected, said the head of the CVU, and these members will continue to go to the Parliament and to participate in voting.

We’d like to remind that yesterday the Supreme Administrative Court of Ukraine deprived the deputy from the party "United Center" Pavlo Baloha and unaffiliated Oleksandr Dombrovsky of parliamentary powers.

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