Baloga turned to a head of SPFU

Baloga turned to the head of the State Property Fund so that they stop dismantling of Borzhava narrow gauge railways. This politician said in his profile in the social network Facebook, writes Zakarpattia Online

‘I have already turned to the President of the State Property Fund of Ukraine Oleksandr Ryabchenko – said Baloga – on the need for his personal intervention in the suspension of narrow gauge railway’s dismantling. I initiated the development of documents that are designed to protect the unique Borzhava narrow gauge railway from the final destruction’.

By the way, the historic railways supporters celebrate the Day of Borzhava Narrow Gauge Railway on the first Sunday of August. Such a tradition, writes Turinfotsentr Zakarpattya has more than 40 years. All events on this day took place on the station Khmelnyk where everybody could get there from Vinogradov, Beregovo and Irshava. 

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