Baloga: Russians did not bring any new ideas, were impolite and ‘compelled’

The Minister of Emergency Situations Viktor Baloga said that members of the Russian delegation at the meeting in Yalta behaved impolite and used ‘the compulsion tactic’.

‘Yesterday I was on the commission with the Russians. I have gloomy impression. There were discourtesy which made hospitable Ukrainians angry’ – he wrote on his page in Facebook.

‘President Putin took over the acceptable limits of the delay. He went to the bikers and their military friends, by showing his priorities by this.

‘It is impolite to interfere when the host the meeting speaks. Obviously, Putin does not know this rule. He commented on speech of the President Yanukovych. Perhaps, he thought that it is appropriate and reasonable. Not everyone agreed with this – he added.

According to Head of Emergencies, ‘Russians did not bring any new ideas’.

‘What concerns the Customs Union and Common Economic Space the Russians used their tactic of compulsion. As if they need it. They found a great example – Belarus. Obviously they do not understand that it is not a landmark for the Ukrainian. Perhaps, then, they decided that Ukraine is sleeping and sees itself in neo-SSSR. Something there in their approach clearly stuck – he added.

According to Baloga, ‘things are not done in such a way’.

‘The neighbors who respect one another behave seriously in everything. Ukrainian side showed that considers Russia a partner. What did Russia demonstrats? Nothing – as for me’ – he said.

Ukrainska Pravda

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