Balconies in the 16-storeyed building will be closed, if rescuers allow

Balconies in the highest residential building of Uzhgorod are still open – correspondent of checked this today, November 30.
As you know, after two accidents – when two young men within 24 hours jumped from the high-rise building – the residents of the building addressed to the head of the Transcarpathian Regional State Administration Oleksandr Ledyda requesting to shut down free access to balconies of the 16-storeyed building.
But the reaction to this letter from the "White House" is yet unknown. 
The 16-storeyed building is maintained by the Housing Office number 5. Unfortunately we could not talk to the director or the chief engineer of the company – the receptionist said that they are currently working on the road. However the secretary added that residents of the 16-storeyed building filed with the housing department a request to close the balcony. 
So the housing office sent a letter to the regional unit of MOE asking to approve closing of the balconies. If the approval is received they can go on with this matter. 
But it is currently unclear whether it will be received – the levels of the building are designed so that a person has to pass through the balcony when going from a landing to an apartment.  
If the balconies are closed, every resident of the building should have a key to the door. Also if the balconies are closed, theoretically, firefighters could object to this because this will complicate evacuation of people.
Another option would be to install bars on the balconies – then it would be physically impossible for potential suicide to jump from the balcony. 
The door to the roof of the building currently are tightly closed.


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