Bad weather affected the apple orchards of Uzhgorod district. Will farmers get help? (PHOTOS)

The powerful thunderstorm, which took place in Transcarpathia after great heat, brought not only long-waited coolness, but also a big problem for gardeners of Uzhgorod district.

The known abundant gardens near the villages of Kontsovo and Tarnovtsi, famous for beautiful juicy apples, which are supplied to nearly all regions of Ukraine, were significantly affected by the storm: some plantings are just lying on the ground. And the apples have not yet ripened.  

The apple gardens of Uzhgorod district are the "star" of the agro-industrial complex of Transcarpathia. It is the "domestic export" of the region to the state and substantial budget revenues. Last year, the agro-industrial complex brought UAH 13 million of revenues to the treasury of the region, and the lion’s share is from gardening.

But, most likely, farmers will have to deal with the problems on their own. Because, although our farmers can grow wonderful orchards according to the best technologies, we are still far away from the European standards of protection and support of farming by state and other agencies…



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