Azarov recognized the inevitability of the economic crisis in Ukraine

Azarov publicly admitted the approaching of the second wave of the economic crisis in Ukraine. That was said today in Yalta at the 9th Forum "Yalta European Strategy" (YES), informed UNIAN.  In particular, the Prime Minister said that the economic crisis is still ongoing in the world and will continue, in the opinion of many experts, over 10 more years and inevitably come to Ukraine.

To deal with the crisis the government will have to adopt innovative approaches and solutions, says the prime minister.

As noted earlier, on August 3, during an interview to the central channels Mykola Azarov said that Ukraine’s economy over the past two years has grown by 12.5% ​​and almost returned to pre-crisis level. And on August 28, Mykola Azarov assured that the economic crisis of 2008-2009 in Ukraine will not happen again.  

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