Azarov predicts rise of prices for Russian cars in Ukraine by a thousand dollars

The prime minister said that if Kyiv introduces recycling fee on Russian cars, their prices will increase by 1000 dollars and Ukrainians will stop buying them.

The Prime Minister of Ukraine Mykola Azarov predicts increased prices of Russian cars in the Ukrainian market by an average of one thousand dollars in the case Ukraine levies recycling fee on them.
"If we, too, introduce a recycling fee for Russian cars that come into our market, they will cost 1000 dollars more and Ukrainians will not buy them," – he said, lecturing in Kyiv National University of Engineering and Architecture on 3 September in Kyiv.
According to the Ukrainian Prime Minister, with the introduction of recycling fee on cars by the Russian Federation on September 1, prices of Ukrainian passenger cars in the Russian market will grow by 600-1000 dollars, and for trucks – up to 20 thousand dollars.
As reported, on August 1, 2012 in the Russian Federation came into force the law on 30% recycling fee on certain types of motor vehicles, according to which each vehicle imported to or manufactured in the Russian Federation, is subject to recycling fee in order to ensure environmental safety. Such fee shall be paid by persons who supply vehicles in Russia, as well as those that produce cars on the very territory of Russia. However, this fee does not apply to states that are members of the Customs Union.
Azarov said that the Cabinet of Ministers on September 3 will consider the introduction of recycling fee in Ukraine for the goods covered by the recycling fee in Russia.


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