Azarov does not support 25% tax on income on deposits

The Prime Minister Mykola Azarov on his Facebook page announced that he was against the bill, which provides for the tax on income from money on deposit.
"I know only about projects to introduce the tax on the income derived from money on deposit. That is, they propose to levy not a deposit but an income from the money on deposit. Well, I do not support this project," – Azarov said.
According to him, the government is interested in increasing the banking system, and should encourage people to invest in deposits.
"That is why the government is against the tax on income from deposits. And of course, if someone has the idea of ​​taxing actual deposits, in my opinion, it is absolutely absurd idea, because you can not double tax the same income," – the Prime Minister concluded.
As you know, recently the deputy from the Party of Regions Yevhen Sihal proposed that the Parliament forbid banks to attract deposits of citizens in foreign currency and introduce the 25% income tax on deposits of natural persons.

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