AVE will start cleaning Uzhgorod on January 1

Recently, the Austrian company AVE, or to be accurate its branch "AVE Uzhgorod" finally signed an agreement on cooperation with Uzhgorod City Council. Under the contract, which, by the way, was concluded for 25 years, the company will start cleaning the regional center on January 1, 2013. Acoording to the director of "AVE Uzhgorod" Maria Olenych, the subject of a tender for a collection and waste removal service provider was the whole territory of Uzhgorod, and not half of it as was previously planned. In 2 months, the company must fully prepare to take over the work from KShEP. New employees will be accepted statrting from Nov. 1 (according to preliminary estimates, there will be about 70 of them). Some of them will be KShEP workers, but for a month they will be closely supervised to realize that the new job is not for slapdash. 

In general, 5 garbage trucks will be operating on the streets of the regional center starting from January 1. In addition, "AVE Uzhgorod" will completely replace garbage cans, and in future plans to eliminate all container areas in the private sector, allocating separate can for each household.

The enterprise plans to renegotiate contracts with residents starting from December 1. As for pricing, the director of "AVE Uzhgorod" Maria Olenych said that the cost of services for cleaning and garbage collection will grow, but not immediately and not by much.

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