Autumn prices at Uzhgorod markets (PHOTOS)

Last time, we did an overview of prices for vegetables at agricultural markets of Uzhgorod in the summer. It is already autumn – the time to harvest, and therefore the offer, the quantity, and prices have changed somewhat. So – let’s find out the current situation, and also admire the bright colors of the natural gifts of our generous land.

Let’s start with the "second bread", that is, potatoes. Many kinds and varieties are offered at the markets. Choose whatever you like. As for the price: from 5.50 up to 9 UAH per kilogram. Just remember that more expensive does not always mean better, but also that the only free cheese is in mousetrap.


Everyone knows that Transcarpathia is a grape-growing land. Therefore, there is a lot of grapes at the market. Also different varieties and prices. For example, this one in the photo is 27 to 35 UAH.


The season of pears and plums is almost over, but there is still offer. The former are at about 20 UAH, and the latter are 10 UAH.


There is also plenty of apples. They are at 5-7 to 10 UAH per kilogram.


Sweet peaches cost at least 30, and for the most part – 35 UAH. But back to vegetables. Want to buy beetroot for borscht? Get 10-12 hryvnias.


Can’t imagine borscht without carrots? This year, it is not cheap even at the height of the season – 15-18 UAH.


Need some onions? Not cheap too – 11-14 UAH.


Maybe you don’t like borscht, but like the classic dish of Transcarpathian cuisine – bean pods? Come to the market, but be ready to pay 40 hryvnias per kilo.


As for me, the brightest gift of autumn is tomatoes and peppers. Such a variety of colors! Red, pink, yellow – motivate to get a wallet and give out… How much? It also depends on your desire and financial situation. Tomatoes cost at least 9 UAH for small ones, the average price is 12-13 UAH, and the best, the ripest, the juiciest cost 17-20 UAH. Per kilogram, of course…


Peppers also have a significant price tag. The cheapest ones – green and yellow – are 10-12 hryvnias, the beautiful red Bulgarian varieties are 20 hryvnas. And spicy peppers are 60 UAH per kilogram.


Also, at the markets you can buy cucumbers for 12-15 UAH…


…cabbage at a price from 11 to 14 UAH per kilo…


…and, of course, garlic. However, not Transcarpathian, but from Kherson, at 45 UAH or more per kilo.   


Well, everyone decides for themselves what and at what price to buy. Many Uzhgorodians are waiting for the traditional autumn fair hoping that agricultural products will be more affordable there…

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