Authorities say they are strong as ever, but in fact they are false as ever

When they had to meet quota for sheltering of orphans, Tyachiv authorities made a lot of promises to a family from Hrushov, but all the family got was … an old vacuum cleaner.

Last year, two orphans found a new home in Transcarpathia – in the village of Hrushov in Tiachiv district where the kind family took them. And in May, Vasyl Varha, the father of foster children took to his family three more kids from Chynadieve orphanage.And the family dwelling has a new name – now it is a family type house.

Several months ago, Vasyl asked Tyachiv RSA to help him build a loft, cover the roof and build a few rooms for kids.   Tyachiv RSA Chairman Mykhailo Shelever wrote down everything, formed the commission. At the session of the District Council they decided to immediately contribute to the family. Promised to give 5 thousand UAH.     But the promised help was never received, and Mr. Vasyl has been left alone with his problems. Now he is not only raising 9 children (4 of his own and 5 adoptive), but earns his own money for building materials, to give children a roof over their heads and adequate space to play, study and sleep. Authorities have not even given a family health permits – said the father.   

"I have found the way out of the situation: borrowed money from neighbors and continue to build. Once I had to see the head of the administration Shelever. Then I asked for help again. But I did not get any clear answers. Now I can rely only on God and myself."

Today, the large friendly family live together. Girls Tetiana and Maryanka help the mother on the farm, and sons Mykhailyk, Ivan and Yurchyk work with their father at the house. Everyone is happy.

Only the local government turned out to be not strong and kind to children, but lying and indifferent! 

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