Authorities are to take away land from careless renters in Uzhgorod?

Directors of Uzhgorod ZhRER and the KShEP management are soon to be fined for garbage on the entrusted to them territories. This was announced today, April 3, during a press conference by Victor Pogorelov’s deputy, Yuri Belyakov. ‘Now we are working with the city utilities  monitoring the situation with the cleaning. All managers of utilities have been warned. If the area is dirty, the fines of 850 to 1,700 hryvnia will be imposed on the directors of ZhRERs and KShEP management‘, Yuri Belyakov said.
Acute problem for the city is the matter of responsibility for cleaning the private sectors, or areas within Uzhgorod which are on long-term lease. Usually, such sites are similar to the wastelands, and the owners are not very quick to give them an attractive appearance. Commenting on this issue, Deputy Mayor, said: ‘We are now actively looking for such owners. In particular, those holding lands on the street Gulak-Artemovsky. We will oblige them to clean these areas and we will also impose fines the size of which would be significantly bigger than for ZhRERs ‘, stressed Yuri Belyakov.
The official also does not exclude the possibility of more stringent measures. ‘We will decide according to the situation:  if the owners do not use the leased lands as intended and do not look after them, we will raise the issue of making these areas a part of the city property again’.


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