Austrian coaches did not come to the “Dovzhanska fira”

Yesterday, the festival "Dovzhanska Fira" took place in the village of Dovhe in Irshava district. The event is held for the third time, and every year, it is becoming more popular.

The program of the festival opened with festive procession on carts that went through the village center to the stadium "Borzhava." The event continued with demonstration riding. The main organizer of the festival, Transcarpathian writer Vasyl Kuzan told that this year the festival brought together amateurs of horse breeding from Irshava, Svalyava, Khust, Beregovo and Vynogradiv districts. There were also guests from Slovakia and Hungary, who did not participate in the event, but carefully watched everything that took place there during the day.  

The jury chose the best pair of horses, there were contests for harnessing / unharnessing and riding horses.     

Overall, Mr. Kuzan says, the fest is intended to draw attention to the horse breeding culture. This event is another opportunity for like-minded people to communicate and share experiences.

There is, however, an unpleasant moment – some participants from Irshava district, who last year become the highlight of the horse festival with their own original Austrian coaches and chaise, did not come this year. The reason is bad roads, especially of the stretch between the village of Pryborzhavske and Dovhe.

So they decided not to risk it, because the repair of rarities will cost a lot of money. So this year, there were only decorated carts with horses at the festival. But the concert of bands and performers from Transcarpathia raised the spirit. 

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