Attention, Uzhgorod residents living in the Novy neighbourhood

MU "Vodokanal of Uzhgorod" on its website posted the information that, in connection with the completion of the reconstruction of the pumping station located on Lehotsky street with two installed 1000 m3 reservoirs for clean water, the commissioning work will be carried out tomorrow (October 26). It is planned to start it around 10:00.

In connection with this, during the period of work performance, there may be interruptions of water supply in the high-rise buildings in the Novy neighbourhood. The list of streets and buildings can be found below:

The water supply will be restored to normal after the completion of the work.

Since after the completion of commissioning work and resumption of water supply, water may be a little turbid for a while, the consumers should:

• after water supply is resumed, if possible, run water through flush tanks for its speedier clarification;
• do not use raw water until its full clarification.

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